Sir Octopus: new step in free puzzle games. Today, on the App Store.

Have you ever tried any breathtaking or exciting casual game? Sir Octopus is your choice if you want to help him. Why? See below…

Sir Octopus is a carrying father of a big family. In our game you should help him to gather all his children. It’s not an easy task because there are plenty of kids in Octopus’ family and these scamps are not really well-mannered. And only strong will, quick mind and bright imagination can help you to restore discipline. Simple desire won’t be enough. You will have to be skillful, innovative and use some extraordinary ideas.

  • Play 17 amusing characters and 9 unique features.
  • Explore all 63 levels divided into 3 episodes and enjoy hours of a fascinating pastime.
  • Enjoy totally new and unique gameplay.
  • Open 3 level packs.
  • Listen to songful soundtrack.

Our casual puzzle game won’t let you get bored because with the development of a plot, not only the levels get higher, but also new opportunities and features appear. You’ll get the chance to enjoy good graphics, music and friendly gameplay. You can play anywhere you want when you get a free minute. We are totally sure that Sir Octopus becomes your hobby for a long, long time.  And if you are looking for some fresh feelings, it means that Sir Octopus is just right what you want!

Sir Octopus is created for iPhone and iPad and works perfectly well on all devices.You can play where and when you want, anytime you have a spare minute.It allows you to play at your own pace.     Sir Octopus will be your passion for a long time.And remember: every level has a solution, you only need to think harder!

Technical info:

Release date: 05/07/2013

Platform: iOS IPhone, IPad and IPod

Price: Free

Media assets:

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About our team:

WoodenSword was founded in 2011, when experienced programmers, talented decorators, game-designers and artists teamed up. Our mode – only gamers can make games for gamers.
Today we are enjoying our work and we want to share it with you.

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